MotorCities National Heritage Area

June 10, 2022

Similar to National Parks, MotorCities recently launched its own Junior Ranger program, which is geared toward helping kids explore the National Heritage Area, the place that put the world on wheels.

For instance, kids can click on links on the MotorCities website to take fun virtual tours of all of the places that have made and continue to make this region the automotive capital of the world.

In addition, kids can complete activities in developmentally-appropriate subjects that match their interests. Based on their age, if they complete between two and four activities, they will become an official MotorCities Junior Ranger and can earn a badge and certificate!

“This program really makes our automotive and labor history relevant for school age children and generations to come,” said Brian Yopp, MotorCities’ Director of Programs and Operations. “We’re looking forward to making connections that will reach as many students as possible.”

On June 9, Yopp hosted a Junior Ranger kickoff event with seventh grade students and social studies teacher Trevor Clor at the Grosse Pointe Academy. Clor invited his students to take part in Junior Ranger program activities as a summer project.

To become a Junior Ranger or to learn more about the program, visit