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Want to learn more about auto history and heritage? Check out these very cool videos. You can even learn to design your own 4-wheel balloon car to race with friends!

1. Evolution of the car from 1900-2020 (2 minutes and 14 seconds)

2. How are cars made? (5 minutes and 41 seconds)

3. Let’s design a 4-wheel balloon car with the Design Squad! (2 minutes and 20 seconds)

4. A Car Girl Story (5 minutes and 33 seconds)

32256 MotorCities Junior Rangers Video balloon car
32256 MotorCities Junior Rangers Video Car Girl Story

5. Who Invented Cars? (2 minutes and 41 seconds)

6. How in the World Does a Car’s Engine Work? (2 minutes and 23 seconds)

7. 100 Years of Cars in 3 Minutes! (3 minutes and 21 seconds)

8. Detroit Auto Industry Is Rich With History (2 minutes)

9. Why Detroit became Car Building Central (2 minutes and 38 seconds)


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This project was made possible by a grant from the National Park Foundation through generous support of partners including Union Pacific Railroad and donors across the country.