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Charles Blackman honored with Milestone Award

MotorCities presented its 2017 Milestone Award to the Professor Emeritus, Charles Blackman who was a founding signer of the Articles of Incorporation in 1998 that established the MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership in 1998. For over 19 years Charles has remained steadfastly involved with the Lansing Stewardship Community

Honoring the labor story in 2017

Throughout 2017, MotorCities in conjunction with the Michigan Labor History Society commemorated a series of milestones in the evolution of organized labor called, "Building the Engine: Auto and Labor, 1932-1937." Click below for more:

MotorCities Challenge Grants

MotorCities National Heritage Area's 2018 Challenge Grant Cycle has closed. Stay tuned for an announcement of the projects preserving and/or interpreting southeast Michigan's rich automotive heritage that we are funding this year.

Ford muscle cars: A tradition of greatness

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ford introduced many successful and highly rated performance muscle cars that were very popular with the consumer market.

Classic Car Raffle!

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