MotorCities National Heritage Area

April 14, 2016

A recent study conducted by Tripp Umbach, a nationally recognized consulting firm, has estimated MotorCities National Heritage Area Partnership’s annual economic impact at $410 million.

file 20160407124410 410 million Economic SupportThrough its programs to preserve and promote automotive heritage throughout southeast Michigan, the study found that MotorCities supports 4,560 jobs and $35.4 million in tax revenue each year.

The MotorCities is one of six National Heritage Areas included in this latest analysis. Over the years, Tripp Umbach has independently measured economic impact of dozens of National Heritage Area sites.

According to this latest study, National Heritage Areas directly and indirectly generate $12.9 billion per year in the U.S. There are only 49 National Heritage Areas in the U.S. all of which increase tourism and benefit their respective communities.

MotorCities is the only organization that promotes and supports southeast Michigan’s rich automotive heritage through tourism, education, community outreach, grant funding and more. The study focuses only on the 10,000 square-mile geographic region of the National Heritage Area and not the entire state.

Through these programs, MotorCities plays a substantial role in supporting and encouraging tourism within the region which attracts approximately 5.7 million visitors annually, according to the report.

The 2015 study was sponsored by the National Park Service, the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Ypsilanti Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Click on the image below to access the full report:

file 20160407131855410 million Economic Support