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Automotive Showplace: 1985 Mercury Motorsport Capri Pilot Car

Additional Info

  • Event Title: Automotive Showplace: 1985 Mercury Motorsport Capri Pilot Car
  • Event Date(s): Summer of 2023
  • Event Location: Detroit Historical Museum, 5401 Woodward Ave, Detroit
  • Event Description: This automobile was specially made for the 1985 Detroit Grand Prix, Mercury was the sponsor for the race and supplied the pace cars for both the Formula One and Trans Am races. Mercury started production of the pace car with a 1985 Capri RS and styled it to look like their dominant race car from the previous year. The modified Capri (called a “Pilot Car”) was then used to build a total of 40 nearly identical cars. Ten were used during race week on the track with two of the cars being the actual pace cars for the events. The other 30 were called Motorsport Capris and were sold at Mercury dealerships. The pilot car was featured heavily in all Mercury promotional material for the Detroit Grand Prix IV in 1985 and was displayed in the Renaissance Center during race week.