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Automotive Showplace: 1905 Cadillac "Osceola" Coupe

Additional Info

  • Event Title: Automotive Showplace: 1905 Cadillac "Osceola" Coupe
  • Event Date(s): Extended through June 2023
  • Event Location: Detroit Historical Museum, 5401 Woodward Ave, Detroit
  • Event Description: This automobile was specially made for Henry M. Leland, general manager of Cadillac Motor Car Company. The car is the first Cadillac built with a fully enclosed body and was made under the supervision of Fred Fisher, one of the brothers who later founded Fisher Body. After leaving Cadillac, Leland went on to found the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917. Leland enjoyed this vehicle so much that it remained his personal runabout for years. He called it "Osceola" to honor a Florida Seminole chief he admired, but due to its unusual appearance, the rest of his family called it the "Old Plug Hat.” The vehicle is the best representation of a "horseless carriage" in the Detroit Historical Society collection and will be on display through Summer 2022.
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