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Lincoln Motor Car Centennial Homecoming

Additional Info

  • Event Title: Lincoln Motor Car Centennial Homecoming
  • Event Date(s): August 10-13, 2022
  • Event Location: Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum, Hickory Corners, MI
  • Event Description: The 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Motor Company, one of the world’s great luxury marques, will be celebrated in 2022, commemorating the centennial of Lincoln’s acquisition by the Ford Motor Company in February 1922. Originally founded by Henry Leland, Lincoln had begun building luxury passenger cars in 1920. The Lincoln Motor Car Foundation, which oversaw creation of the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum & Research Foundation, Inc., will hold this year’s Centennial Homecoming on the museum grounds. Optional pre-Homecoming events will take place in Dearborn, Michigan, on August 7-10.